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Terms and Conditions:


Please note the following Terms & Conditions that will apply during COVID-19 pandemic.

By making an appointment with Andrew Chick you agree:


  • You have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  • You have not tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days
  • You do not have any of the following symptoms:
    • A temperature over 37.8C
    • A new continuous cough or worsening cough if you usually have a cough
    • A change to your taste or smell
  • That if you contract the virus or are advised to self-isolate, you will inform Andrew Chick as soon as possible to defer your appointment
  • You consent to Andrew Chick informing NHS Test & Trace/and or Public Health England and giving your details if requested

Please note:

In line with my association FHT (The Federation of Holistic Therapists), if you are classed as vulnerable by the government, you will need to get your GP’s verbal or written clearance that it is okay to receive treatment with Andrew Chick.

You understand that Andrew Chick cannot offer treatment to you if you are classed as extremely clinically vulnerable until the government say it is okay for you to receive non-essential health care.

In both cases, it will then be at my professional discretion whether or not it is appropriate to treat you.  

Terms & Conditions:

The Terms & Conditions detailed below apply to all bookings made with www.structuralbodywork.co.uk or with Andrew Chick by phone, email, SMS or in person.

When you book an appointment, you are making a contract with Andrew Chick which includes these terms and conditions.

Bookings and Treatments:

Andrew Chick reserves the right to decline a booking and or treatment without obligation to provide any reason for doing so.

All treatments will be tailored to support medically diagnosed conditions and/or health concerns agreed and identified by you or Andrew Chick.

Massage, Structural bodywork and Structural Integration practitioners are not permitted to diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions. Massage, Structural Bodywork and Structural Integration are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment is required in advance of your consultation or at the consultation if paying in person. Please note that at this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all payments need to be paid in advance of your consultation via online banking.

48 hours’ notice of cancellation is required, or the full fee will be payable. Any cancellation due to COVID-19 within 48 hours will not be subject to this condition.

In case of illness or emergency, Andrew Chick may reduce or waive the cancellation fee, as long as the appointment is rebooked within a set time e.g. a week.

Use of Personal Information

Andrew Chick is committed to protecting the privacy and security of his clients. When booking an appointment Andrew Chick collects contact details such as name, email, and telephone number. This information is never shared with third parties without your permission. Andrew Chick may occasionally contact you with special offers and information, but all communications will include an option to opt out or unsubscribe.


It is important that you tell Andrew Chick about any medical diagnosis you have received at the time of your consultation or at any time in the past including any prescription medication, herbal medicine, food supplements or over the counter medication you are taking.

If you are unclear or concerned about any part of your treatment you must contact Andrew Chick as soon as possible for clarification and advice.

You are responsible for contacting your GP about any health concerns you may have, or if asked to do so by Andrew Chick with regards to receiving Massage, Structural Bodywork and Structural Integration treatment.


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