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Structural Bodywork

What is structural bodywork?

Structural Bodywork uses modalities that assess and treat misalignments in the muscles, bones and myofascial systems of the body. By correcting these misalignments, Structural Bodywork can help with chronic pain, stiffness, lack of mobility, muscle tension and postural related problems.

The sessions combine techniques from myofascial release, structural integration, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and osteopathy.

Although receiving one session can help, structural bodywork it is best received in a short course of four to six sessions to get the best results and long term benefit.


    structural bodywork

    What to expect

    At your first appointment a full case history will be taken when we will discuss your symptoms, general health as well as any previous health problems or medical care you’re receiving.

    After the case history, I will do a physical examination including postural and movement assessment to help me decide where the problem may be and where to work. Structural bodywork sessions are mostly applied with you lying on the couch,  but sometimes seated or standing, depending on the area that needs work.

    After your treatment, I will give you advice on what to do next. The advice given depends on the individual and the problem being addressed. We will discuss the best course of action to take, this will be different for each person and depends on how bad the problem is and how long you have it.

    You may feel some soreness in the areas worked but this normally settles down by the following day.

    Shoulder Pain

    Please Note:

    Although I incorporate osteopathic techniques into these sessions I am not a qualified osteopath. I have attended a CPD training taught by an osteopath which included some of the techniques they use such as articulation, mobilisation and soft tissue work. I do not use manipulation where the practitioner uses a quick thrusting technique to release restricted joints most commonly associated with osteopathy and chiropractic treatments.

    What can structural bodywork help?

    • Persistent/chronic pain
    • Backache
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder tension
    • Tension headache
    • Sciatica
    • Carpel tunnel syndrome and RSI
    • Tennis and golfers elbow
    • General discomfort and muscular spasms
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Sporting injuries
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Post-surgical and injury scarring

     Benefits of structural bodywork

    • Improve posture and alignment
    • Increases energy.
    • Restore muscular function
    • Relieve physical and emotional strain
    • Increase awareness of holding and bracing patterns
    • Promote relaxation
    • Balance the body, mind and soul
    • Promote self-healing