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Client testimonials

I visited Andrew with neck and shoulder issues caused by an impact accident. Although having had 3 visits to an osteopath previously, it was Andrew’s holistic approach that finally sorted the issue for me. I actually called him a magician! Would thoroughly recommend!
Terri O’Sullivan. Portslade

At my first appointment, Andrew did a thorough assessment of me standing. I learnt for the first time ever that I lean slightly towards one side and he followed up with a good long session. Then and at subsequent appointments, Andrew explained structural bodywork and deep tissue massage as he talked about the myofascia, which is the fibrous material that gives structure to our bodies. I knew I was safe and in “good hands”. My initial muscular pain problems were quickly and satisfactorily addressed.
Kenneth McIntosh. Henfield

I’ve had various treatments with Andrew which he tailored to my many needs.
He is kind, caring, considerate and an extremely good practitioner. Andy is a good listener and will go out of his way to help in any way he can.
Dinky Davis. Brighton

Andrew has been providing regular treatments to me for over 18 months, initially, in severe pain, I was suffering in both hip joints and leg muscles, identified as a result of too long at sedentary desk-bound work. Frustrated with the solution offered by the NHS; I didn’t want hip replacements at what I felt was a relatively young age. I considered my options, mainly my thinking was that the rehabilitation work that would be necessary after any surgery would likely be significant in relieving my symptoms. Discovering Andrew was instrumental in building and developing this approach, making lifestyle improvements across a number of areas and bringing me back to a better quality of life and for those around me.

Without a doubt, the KMI treatments from Andrew improved my physical situation and aided in the understanding of the work I needed to do, another huge benefit was on the mental side, helping re-build the mental strength and internal belief that I needed and that it was possible to push my body into healing itself through regular activity, like daily walks, swimming, and treatments. We also identified a need for a better understanding and approach with respect to nutrition. Through the activity and improvements in nutrition, I lost over 20 kilos, which obviously eased the strain on my joints.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who has physical challenges they are willing to try and overcome, in my case I believe we worked miracles
Graham Sherry. Brighton

I had a persistent neck and shoulder injury with acute pain for 2-3 months. I thought it would take several more months to heal but Andrew put it right after a few weeks of treatments. Thoroughly recommend if you want to have a body problem resolved intuitively and not just get given a ‘rub’ in where you think the problem area is. Often enough X does not mark the spot.
Meesh Lediert. Brighton

3 years after a right hip replacement and having had 2 previous operations on my left foot I felt out of balance. Having exhausted the help available on the NHS my internet search led me to this website. I approached the first treatment with caution but Andy is very reassuring and empathetic and I felt a positive change after the first treatment. I had about 10  treatments in total and now feel  I am more balanced, have lost my limp and regained my flexibility. On a deeper level, the energy is flowing more freely in my body, I am practising yoga again (both at home and in classes) and I feel lighter and free from the fear which had been holding me back.
S. Mackenzie. Brighton

The first treatment I had with Andrew gave me an entire pain-free month after eight years of constant pain. The myofascial release technique worked where acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic techniques had not. I started the twelve session series of KMI structural integration in Autumn, and on completion in the Spring, I was visibly changed. My posture was much straighter, and the twisting across my hips and shoulders was reduced almost to nothing. Andrew is a skilled therapist whose focused approach has been of great benefit to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his course of treatment to anyone with chronic muscular pain.
K. Shanhan Hurstpierpoint

After trying lots of treatments over a period of years I have finally found relief from serious neck and back pain.
M. Gillham. Brighton

Since seeing Andrew, the painful back and shoulders I suffered from after long hours of computer work have disappeared. He is a highly skilled therapist and I would advise anyone who needs help with stiffness and pain to make an appointment and feel the difference!
A. Randal from Burgess Hill

Have you ever just wished someone could take the pain away? After years of trying Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Doctors and various massage techniques I had pretty much decided that no one could. I had been told that I had a shoulder injury but found walking uncomfortable, standing for more than a few minutes almost impossible, sitting hurt as did lying down. I wasn’t in constant pain but it affected my life, my ability to be active and my confidence. When yet another therapy was suggested I was less than enthusiastic, but could this be the one that made the difference? Well yes, it has, and most of the work done by Andrew has been on my hips, legs and feet !! My appalling posture is no more, and the pain has gone, KMI Structural Integration is not always a relaxing therapy, at times I found it very challenging but the results are, for me, life-changing. I am not “cured” but I feel my age now, 50 instead of 90. What a relief
Pam, Shoreham

I had chronic pain in my right shoulder, neck and jaw for the past 20 years which resulted in very frequent, painful headaches. I initially went to Andrew for deep tissue massage, which alleviated the headaches. He suggested I try Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy for the underlying problems in my shoulder, neck and jaw. I had fantastic results: after the first session the pain began to dissipate and now, several sessions later, the pain has gone and I feel great. I have an incredible amount of energy, which has enabled me to exercise (something I haven’t done in years!) and work on strengthening the muscles in my upper body.
S. Ryan from Hove

I’d been experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in my hips and legs and was finding it increasingly difficult to walk. I was referred to a surgeon who recommended hip replacement. At this point, I started Myofascial Release treatment with Andrew and now, after 6 months, have improved so much that I’ve been practically without any pain and am able to move and walk with ease.  I wouldn’t dream of having surgery at the moment as my mobility has got so much better!’
J. Benedict. From Hove

My back was injured as a result of an accident eighteen years ago and has caused constant problems since then. I have tried everything and have had plenty of massage along the way. But I was wary of massage: either they didn’t understand the limitations of my body and did more harm than good or they were too gentle and therefore ineffective. Having a treatment with Andrew is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, it is never uncomfortable though there is a ‘healing pain’ when you know it’s doing you good. I have felt many benefits from receiving this work.
L. Franklin from Hove

I suffered neck and shoulder pain for many months before having treatments from Andrew. Whilst I was originally a bit sceptical about complementary therapies, I can only say that my shoulders are now feeling wonderfully loose and relaxed. I have always found Andrew to be professional, non-judgemental and easy to get along with, and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for relief from stiffness and injury.
Annette  from Brighton