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Proprioception our sixth sense

What is Proprioception?

Most of us know what the 5 senses are: taste, sound, touch, smell, and sight – but how many of us have heard of proprioception? Well our proprioception could be considered our sixth sense. Proprioception is our sense of ourselves, it is our ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Even if a person is blindfolded, he or she knows through proprioception if an arm is above the head or hanging by the side of the body. But what happens if we lose this fundamental function? Well that’s what happened to Ian Waterman. Below is an interview with Ian Waterman and his doctor Jonathan Cole, a fascinating insight into what life is like when you lose your proprioception. Hands-on therapies like KMI Structural Integration can improve our sense of self and help to fine tune our sense of body position and posture.