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Fascia In The Living Body

Fascia in the living body

Ida Rolf the founder of Structural Integration also known as Rolfing used the grapefruit model to demonstrate to her students the divisions of fascia in the human body. In the video below you can see how the grapefruit has an outer skin as we do. Below the outer skin is a white fibrous layer representing the deep fascia which lives between our skin and the surface of our muscles. The segments of the grapefruit represent our muscles, and the cells that make up each segment represent the smaller components, that make up our muscles. Our muscles are largely fluid. Later in this video, we can actually see the fascia in the human body as Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau a cosmetic surgeon uses an endoscope (camera) under the skin. You can see how fluid it is and how it responds to our movements, as well as to a therapist’s pressure when applying Myofascial Release and Structural Bodywork techniques.