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I can now see people for face to face appointments again!

I am very pleased to tell you that I can now see you for face to face appointments again after a period of closure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the government’s advice for my working sector, I have had to put a number of measures in place to keep everyone safe.

I have carried out a full risk assessment and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines produced by the government and my professional association.

How I am providing massage and bodywork treatments safely during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To keep everyone safe, I cannot see you for face to face treatment if you have tested positive for or have symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has in the last 14 days.

I cannot see anyone who is in the extremely vulnerable group and has has been told to shield until the government say that it is OK for you to receive non-essential care.

If you are in the clinically vulnerable group (moderate risk)  you will need to get a verbal or written consent from your GP or health care professional saying it is safe for you to receive treatment. if you get verbal consent then I will need you to sign a disclaimer saying that you got verbal consent from your GP, consultant, or midwife.

For more information on who is considered extremely clinically vulnerable and clinically vulnerable please click here.

Booking your appointment:

Book your appointment in the usual way via email or phone and I will provide you with all the information you need. I would ask that you read this information fully to make your appointment run as smooth as possible.


All payments will need to be made via BACS payment the day before your appointment.


If you need to cancel your appointment within my 48-hour cancellation window due to Covid-19 symptoms there will be no cancellation fee. if you cancel within  48 hours of your appointment for any other reason other than for an emergency or illness then you will be expected to pay for the missed appointment.

Pre-treatment screening

To keep everyone safe I am asking everyone to complete and return a COVID-19 pre-treatment screening form which I will email to you two days before your appointment. This is mandatory and treatment will be refused if it is not received.

Arriving for your appointment

Please arrive on time for your appointment and if you are early please wait until you receive a message from me inviting you in.

If possible please use an alternative to public transport to get to me if you do need to use public transport please bring a separate fresh mask for your appointment if possible.

You will need to wear a mask for your appointment. If you do not have a mask then I can supply a surgical mask for a charge of £1.

I have put simple and clear protocols in place for your arrival and departure which I will guide you through and require you to follow.

All the information will be emailed to you prior to your appointment, please read it before arriving.

Treatment times:

All face to face appointments will now be 45mins (60 mins including you arriving and leaving) This is in line with government advice for close contact treatments.

Initial appointments:

If this is your first appointment with me I will send you an intake form to complete and arrange a 30-min remote consultation before your appointment to discuss your needs and assess your problem before seeing each other for face to face treatment.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

I am following very strict hygiene rules to keep you safe during your appointment in line with the government guidelines for close contact work as well as those from my association The Federation of Holistic Therapies.

70% alcohol hand sanitiser will be provided on arrival during your appointment as needed.

The treatment room and other communal areas will be sanitised after every client following governments guidelines. This we include disinfecting the treatment table and face cradle as well as all hard surfaces and high contact points like door handles, handrails, bannisters, taps etc. I also have disposable covers for the face cradle.

All unnecessary soft furnishings have been removed from the treatment room. Use of towels and linen will be kept to a minimum but rest assured your modesty will be respected at all times.

As is standard practice all linen will be changed for each client and washed according to official guidelines. All pillows have been changed for hospital-grade wipeable pillows designed to be easily cleaned between treatments.

If possible please use a toilet before arriving as I am trying to minimise people using the bathroom, but if you do need to use the bathroom area this is fine.

All toilet areas will be thoroughly cleaned at the end and beginning of each working day and high contact points will be disinfected after each use.

I have allowed plenty of time between appointments to aerate and clean the treatment room and other communal areas.

Please avoid bringing any unnecessary items with you and avoid wearing jewellery.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

I will be wearing the PPE that’s has been advised for therapists working in close contact, a mask, visor, gloves and apron. This to keep you and me safe.

Please bring a mask to wear for your appointment do not wear snoods or bandannas and make sure your mask fits properly.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. You can keep up to date about my self and my work by subscribing to my newsletter below as well as following me on my social media