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Online Bookings

If you book your appointment online you will receive a confirmation email shortly after your booking is completed. If you do not receive this email then your booking has not been successful and you will need to try again after 10 mins. All the information you need is in the confirmation email, but if you have any questions please get in contact.

If you do not see a time that suits please get in contact.

Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork mainly uses Myofascial techniques from Structural Integration but also can incorporate techniques from Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage.

Structural Integration (ATSI)

The full series of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) consists of 12 sessions that use hands-on techniques to manipulate the myofascia (muscles and fascia) to improve your body’s structure and function. Its goal is to improve postural alignment, movement, balance and flexibility and as a result, it can help with many long term issues such as back, neck and or shoulder pain. If you do not feel ready to receive the full 12 sessions it is possible to try the shorter 3 session series to see how the work feels to receive and hoe it can help.