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COVID 19 latest update 05/01/2021

I have now been advised by my professional association who have been in communication with the government that I am only permitted to see clients for emergency appointments only. I will only be taking appointments on a case by case basis which may mean I have to defer seeing you until after the current lockdown restrictions, thank you for your understanding.

The FHT has released the following statement to all their members.

“Close contact services should only be provided to support clients who have a genuine health condition/medical need that requires urgent treatment and cannot be deferred. This might include, for example, clients who have an injury or health condition that is currently causing them severe pain or mobility issues or is severely impacting their quality of life. In the FHT’s opinion, it would not be appropriate, for example, to treat clients for health complaints or injuries that are minor or self-limiting (which improve on their own), for stress relief, general aches and pains, or for relaxation or preventative healthcare purposes”.

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Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork combines techniques from Deep Tissue Massage, Sports MassageMyofascial Release, and Osteopathic techniques as well as using techniques and principles from Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.

Structural Integration (ATSI)

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) is a series of 12 sessions and uses hands-on techniques to manipulate the myofascia (muscles and fascia) to reorganise the body’s structure. Its goal is to improve postural alignment, balance and flexibility.