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Structural bodywork

Structural Bodywork principally uses myofascial release techniques, but I also combine techniques from deep tissue massage, sports massage, and osteopathy as well as incorporating principles from structural integration.

Structural Bodywork can help alleviate chronic pain, stiffness, lack of mobility and muscle tension, as well as help with many postural-related problems.

Although you can choose to have one session it is best received in a short course of four to six sessions to get the best results and long-term benefits.

Please note that although I incorporate techniques from Osteopathy, I am not a trained Osteopath, I have attended workshops taught by Osteopaths, who teach appropriate Osteopathic techniques for massage and structural integration practitioners to incorporate into their work. 


Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI)

ATSI (formally KMI structural integration)

The full program of ATSI is a series of 12 sessions that reorganises the body by manipulating the fascial system. There is a shorter 3 session series which you might want to try before committing to the full series.  Fascia is a web of connective tissue that wraps and weaves its way throughout the whole body.

Poor posture and injury can cause the fascia to thicken and tighten pulling us out of alignment. As fascia becomes disorganised tension and strain can occur resulting in painful symptoms.

The primary intention of ATSI is to create better postural alignment and balance therefore reducing tension and strain in the body.

massage for knee pain

Myofascial release

Myofascial release techniques are applied using the hands, forearm and elbow. The work is done slowly to allow the fascia to soften, lengthen and release and to calm the nervous system.

The techniques do not usually cause any pain, but sometimes a mild burning or heat may be felt as the fascia releases.

Myofascial techniques can help us to unwind patterns, and create freedom of movement where we are stuck, removing the underlying causes of pain and stiffness.

massage for upper shoulders

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the different layers of tissue (muscle, tendons and fascia), working to relax, lengthen, and release strain patterns within them so that the body’s posture can realign itself.

Physical and emotional traumas can tighten and stiffen these tissues. When this happens, the body moves out of a state of natural alignment and loses its flexibility and gravitational balance.


deep tissue massage

Sports massage

Sports massage is effective for many kinds of muscular and soft tissue problems as well as injury, whether it is due to posture, occupational stress or sporting activities. This style of massage not only helps recovery from injury but is also very effective in the prevention of injuries. It should therefore be an integral part of a training or fitness program for all those involved in physical activity, whether you are an amateur or a professional sportsperson.
Sports massage
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